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Goals and expectations
Identifying goals and expectations or, in other words, defining a clear project baseline. The bottom line for us here is, of course, to establish transparent communication with our Customer and to ensure that we speak the same language when discussing the issues that are to be addressed with the implementation of the loyalty programme.
Research and analysis

Market and TA research and analysis. It is important for any seller to understand its customer, to know his motivations, priorities, and capabilities. 

Development and Design

Based on the data obtained, our specialists will draft a plan for engaging buyers in the loyalty programme, which will include both strategic and technical parts, as well as legal and financial aspects of the LP. 

Approval and launch

In order to finalise and approve the project, it is necessary to thoroughly describe all of the business processes that will occur during the project implementation and to prepare user documentation.  

Technical Activities

In order to ensure the continuous work of loyalty programmes, our staff is manned by highly skilled programmers. Their responsibility is to ensure a stable exchange of information, timely respond to customer enquiries, and perform the necessary troubleshooting, as well as provide support to the Customer’s employees at the field level regarding any software issues. 

Organisational Activities

Our specialists are well aware that if you want a loyalty programme to work perfectly, you will have to keep your finger on its pulse. We consider our steadfast interaction with our partner’s staff, provision of all the necessary materials, and timely response to any customer queries to be the cornerstone of success of all Zolotaya Seredina’s loyalty programmes. 

Marketing Activities

Zolotaya Seredina’s team develop and carry out full-scale advertising campaigns for our partners. Our company is staffed with all the necessary specialists that are perfectly able to implement any—even the most creative—ideas. 

Analytical Activities

The tuning of loyalty programmes is a very delicate process that can be compared to the tuning of musical instruments, except that in our case we have to deal with something even more complicated—with human beings, their expectations and needs.

Functional platform components

For loyalty programme management purposes, you can employ the services of Zolotaya Seredina’s account manager. A high level of expertise, an excellent knowledge of the programme, and a creative approach to any tasks at hand will ensure that your customer base is effectively managed. 

Technological platform components

Our company, just as all the world’s loyalty market leaders, relies on flexibility and maturity of the technological environment forming the basis for all our projects development.



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