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Bonus Loyalty Programme in 3 Weeks for the Customers of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk

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The technical integration of SHTRIKH-M cash register POS systems with CRM used in Zolotaya Seredina’s loyalty programmes was completed in December 2013. Now the customers of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk can start the bonus loyalty programme in just 3 weeks by partnering up with Zolotaya Seredina and updating their cash registers’ software.

How can the customers of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk increase their profits?

Companies spend 7 times less money selling products to their regular customers than attracting new ones.

In the last 2 years, the loyalty programme boom is observed in Russia: there are discounts and bonuses for each purchase, special offers, mailings, and holiday greetings for customers. In fact, such programmes continue to grow more and more popular.

However, the need to integrate the already installed cash register equipment with CRM systems serves as one of the main limiting factors.

In 2013, SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk integrated some* of their products with Zolotaya Seredina’s technical solution, so that their customers, retail networks, would be able to implement customer management systems in the shortest time possible.

How can a customer of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk launch a loyalty programme?

The loyalty programme launch procedure for the customers of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk is now simplified and reduced to 3 steps:

  1. Developing and adjusting bonus rules

After signing an agreement with a customer of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk, Zolotaya Seredina performs a number of tasks.

Firstly, the company develops and adjusts the loyalty programme rules (selects a viable mechanism for accruing/withdrawing bonuses and arranges the transfer of information regarding all purchases through CRM).

Secondly, it organises customer mailings (in order to inform the card holders about holidays, special offers, and the bonus points balance via personal messages through CRM).

  1. Updating the cash register equipment’s software

SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk is to update the cash register equipment’s software. After the updated version is installed, the customers of SHTRIKH-M will be able to automatically transfer pending transactions from a cash register to CRM (if the Internet is unavailable), conduct on-line transmission of operations in CRM, and enter the customer profile data into a cash register.

  1. Issuing customer cards and arranging sales outlets

Upon signing the agreement with Zolotaya Seredina, the retail network receives a marketing kit comprised of several templates that can be used in any markets. The kit also includes recommendations and guidelines for the staff, which can facilitate the issuance of cards for the network’s customers.

What loyalty programme options will become available for the customers of SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk?

Here is the list of services included in the loyalty programme for a retail network:

  • the automatic accrual/withdrawal of bonuses related to a certain amount, product, time of day, card type/status, and/or date;
  • automatic communication: SMS and e-mail messages, printing in receipts, and customer’s personal account on the website;
  • reporting and analytics: more than 50 types of reports;
  • data storage: customer profiles (according to the Russian Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ On Personal Data), receipts and feedback data; and
  • access: different access rights for administrators, marketing specialists, operators, and cashiers.

As a result of the loyalty programme launch, the retail network will be able to track their customers’ purchase history and to motivate customers to come more often and buy more.

A properly implemented loyalty programme can increase the network’s gross profit up to 14% per year.**

Due to this integration, SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk can offer its customers additional benefits when selling cash register POS systems and software updates.

Since 2014, SHTRIKH-M Novosibirsk has started to offer Zolotaya Seredina’s loyalty programmes in Siberia; the company plans to further expand the project scope and cover all of its markets.

* The integration was carried out for the cash register systems with the WinCE ShtrihM OS. For other products, there is a technical platform enabling individual integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the launch of bonus loyalty programmes.

** According to the analytical reports on the efficiency of the loyalty programmes implementation by the Partners of Zolotaya Seredina.

The companies overview:

SHTRIKH-M is the major Russian developer and manufacturer of high-technology automation systems for business and trading. SHTRIKH-M is a branch of the holding group comprised of several factories with modern imported equipment, a federal retail network, and the network of authorised service centres.

Zolotaya Seredina is one of the leading Russian companies that develop and implement loyalty programmes for mercantile businesses in all market sectors.

The company has been operating on the loyalty programme market since October 2000. Over 3,000 companies use the services of Zolotaya Seredina.

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