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Joint operation of several brands is a responsible and non-trivial task. A recipe for success in this undertaking:

— proper selection of partners; and

— consideration for the partners’ interests and correct arrangement of their joint work.

In this context, it is important to observe the slightest nuances at the stage of planning of the future activities. Knowledge of the pitfalls of co-branding, professional foresight, many years of work experience, and availability of turnkey marketing solutions make Zolotaya Seredina a virtually ideal execution agency for any co-branding project.

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Zolotaya Seredina is an active company. We create something and participate somewhere all the time. Something is always happening with us, in a good way. Briefly speaking, we are never at a loose end. That is why our news feed is so rich in bright events. Be sure to have a look at this section and find out the latest news about our work. What projects we plan to launch, what we work on, what programmes have already started, what results have been achieved—you can learn all this in our news feed.

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Success Stories

It is the most important section for us! We can talk a lot about ourselves, about the market, about the prospects and peculiarities, but our customers can help you best of all to get an idea about us. Representatives of those companies with whom we work every day…

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