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  • Our network is one of the largest in the Volga Region and in the Russian Federation. Today, we have an important task—customer loyalty management and sales management. We needed to develop a fully complete solution for launching a bonus programme, where we could combine not only accrual of bonuses but also provision of discounts to our customers, taking into account a sufficiently large geographical distribution of our network. To this end, we searched for a contractor who would be able to implement all our ideas. We have found such a contractor—a professional one, with experience in the market. It is Zolotaya Seredina, which has provided us with a turnkey solution and has developed the concept of the programme together with us. Starting from 15 April 2014, this programme has been launched in the Vita and Dobroye Serdtse pharmacies in Samara. First of all, we want to connect the Samara Region to this programme. Next, we will connect all other regions—the Volga Region and the Southern Federal District.

    Svetlana Popova
    Svetlana PopovaHead of Advertising and PR Department at the Vita pharmacy chain
  • The loyalty programme goals for the first year were achieved, card turnover was increased by more than 20%, and expenditures for discounts were reduced. The programme has been managed better due to the quality performance by Zolotaya Seredina's team and the application of a modern CRM system.

    Darya Sosunova, Director
    Darya Sosunova, DirectorAvelon
  • Our transition to a bonus loyalty programme was achieved without any customer attrition. Privilege-related costs were significantly reduced. In 2014, we plan to develop the loyalty programme by bringing additional customers services into the existing programme with Zolotaya Seredina's support. We also want to switch card owners from discounts to bonuses in other cities where Neposeda City operates.

    Lev Karasev, CEO
    Lev Karasev, CEONeposeda City
  • Working with Zolotaya Seredina was great: they made allowance for all of our company's "peculiarities" and demonstrated a very flexible approach to our requests. The loyalty programme goals for the first year were achieved in the first 8 months, we gained more regular customers, and expenditures for discounts were reduced. The programme has been managed better due to the quality performance by Zolotaya Seredina's team and the application of a modern CRM system.

    Yakov Goryntsev, Marketing Director
    Yakov Goryntsev, Marketing Director TechnoVideo
  • One and a half year ago, we did not really believe that the implementation of a bonus programme would bring the promised benefits, but high level of competition in the pharmacy business made us accept this solution. At the time of the launch, we had 7 pharmacies, and now we have 12. With that, the number of cash desks has doubled, because one desk wasn't enough for some pharmacies that experienced a large increase in the customer base. Card owners started to buy more—this indicator has increased by more than 40%. Never before did we achieve results in such a short time and, at the same time, so effortlessly.

    Елена Майданова, директор
    Елена Майданова, директорСеть аптек "Лаки Фарма"


  • People tend to think that the building supplies market is very conservative and resistant to new technologies. However, with our loyalty programme, we aim to communicate to our customers and partners that Hercules-Siberia is ready to radically change its way of managing relationships. Our goal is to build partner relationships not only with our dealers but also with each of their employees. We are thankful to Zolotaya Seredina, which helped us to launch a truly modern and technological product that ensures partner relationships between Hercules-Siberia and each member of a supply chain from a manufacturer to an ultimate buyer.

    Dmitry Mayurov, Marketing Director
    Dmitry Mayurov, Marketing DirectorООО Hercules-Siberia


  • There were many reasons to agree to partner up with Zolotaya Seredina. One of the most important ones, however, was an opportunity to work with the team that is highly qualified when it comes to CRM systems, the team of interesting, energetic, and goal-driven people who are experts in managing today's business processes.

    Rostislav Senkevich, Director
    Rostislav Senkevich, DirectorParfyumika, a chain of perfume and cosmetics stores, Novosibirsk
  • Our work started in spring 2014. Back then, I was looking for a contractor to implement a bonus loyalty programme in Ivanovo. After the Internet surfing and talking to many potential contractors, I have decided to choose Zolotaya Seredina. Why? In the first place, because of their experience. They immediately told me which things needed improvement, and which things would be difficult to implement in terms of possible fraud. In the second place, because they had real working projects. In the third place, because of their comprehensive services during all stages of work: technical part, implementation, and support, both technical and legal. In the fourth place, the financial terms were agreeable. In the fifth place, they were able to quickly resolve most of the issues. Probably, the human factor played a big role here too, I mean our personal communication. When you see that the project manager is interested in working with you, that he/she is ready to listen and to guide, you expect your future cooperation to be just as comfortable.

    Aleksey Bogadelin, Coalition Programme Manager
    Aleksey Bogadelin, Coalition Programme Manager Friend


  • The implementation of Zolotaya Seredina's bonus loyalty programme was done very fast. Having switched from discounts to bonuses, we can now see the efficiency of this mechanism. There was no customer attrition at all, and our profits have noticeably increased. By offering our customers bonus rewards, we were able to significantly reduce costs. Zolotaya Seredina provided us with bonus rules, a guide for administrators, a customer package (customer cards and forms), and the loyalty programme support materials (posters for the reception desk and a city-format ad).

    Viktoriya Yuschenko, Director
    Viktoriya Yuschenko, DirectorDentAleks, a chain of dental clinics
  • I would like to highlight the performance of our personal manager, both at the contract signing phase and at the bonus loyalty programme implementation phase. He answered in great detail on all the questions we had prior to deciding to switch from discounts to bonuses. Our company needed a customer base management system that would enable us to communicate with patients in order to promote additional services among them. We also needed a procedure for optimising costs associated with discounts. Now we witness the launch of Zolotaya Seredina's bonus loyalty programme. The company has developed a special mechanism for accruing and withdrawing bonuses and provided us with the loyalty programme support materials for sales outlets (customer cards, posters, and leaflets), as well as conducted the training of administrators.

    Ekaterina Skoblina, Deputy Director
    Ekaterina Skoblina, Deputy DirectorMedpraktika
  • We were searching for something new for our customers, because the discount system had already become obsolete, and our beauty salon with 10 years in business had to make some headway. We had to do something to retain our regular customers and attract new ones, so we started looking for companies that could implement a programme of this kind for Ramira. Luckily, there were only two such companies in our city. Zolotaya Seredina was one of them, and it was the one chosen by Ramira, as Zolotaya Seredina had experience in working with beauty salons.

    Nataliya Komysheva, Administrator
    Nataliya Komysheva, AdministratorRamira, beauty salon, Barnaul




  • The implementation of a loyalty programme in 2011 was a market necessity, as all of our main competitors had already had their own customer programmes. We needed to launch it as quickly as possible: we did not have time to create our own pool of partners. And so we approached Zolotaya Seredina, which then included us in their Coalition and became the organiser of our Coalition Loyalty Programme. Sovcombank was also brought in. Today, the programme contributes to Tsifrograd's continuous capital growth and serves as the company's competitive differentiator for its customers.


    Anna Konoreeva, Head of Marketing Department
    Anna Konoreeva, Head of Marketing DepartmentTsifrograd
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