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The Retail direction requires from developers and managers of loyalty programmes accuracy and great precision in planning all marketing activities. After all, customers will use this product every day, and the growth of consumer loyalty to a brand will depend on its convenience and benefits.

Zolotaya Seredina develops, implements, and maintains loyalty programmes that are based on the newest IT and marketing technologies. In the course of work, our experts carefully study Customer’s needs and the current market situation. Then, based on their great experience, they thoroughly design a project for the implementation of a loyalty programme during short-term and long-term periods.

Our Retail programmes solve the following tasks:

-analysis of consumer behaviour;
-prolongation of customer loyalty;
-increasing their resistance to prices offered by competitors;
-emotional involvement in a brand;
-increasing the frequency of contact and the average check;
-attraction of new customers;
-switching customers to more marginal products or encouraging the consumption of certain brands, and much more.
When rendering all actions and transactions within loyalty programmes, our specialists pay great attention to the economic side, since we know that one of the important indicators of the programme’s success is the increase of customer’s profits.
  • Vitaly Krivoshein
    Vitaly Krivoshein
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    • Our network is one of the largest in the Volga Region and in the Russian Federation. Today, we have an important task—customer loyalty management and sales management. We needed to develop a fully complete solution for launching a bonus programme, where we could combine not only accrual of bonuses but also provision of discounts to our customers, taking into account a sufficiently large geographical distribution of our network. To this end, we searched for a contractor who would be able to implement all our ideas. We have found such a contractor—a professional one, with experience in the market. It is Zolotaya Seredina, which has provided us with a turnkey solution and has developed the concept of the programme together with us. Starting from 15 April 2014, this programme has been launched in the Vita and Dobroye Serdtse pharmacies in Samara. First of all, we want to connect the Samara Region to this programme. Next, we will connect all other regions—the Volga Region and the Southern Federal District.

      Svetlana Popova
      Svetlana PopovaHead of Advertising and PR Department at the Vita pharmacy chain


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