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Beauty Salon Reduces Discount Costs by 5 Times!

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We have received the first results of the Smart Loyalty bonus programme from Ramira, a beauty salon in Barnaul.

Nataliya Komysheva, the administrator of Ramira, reached out to the specialists of Zolotaya Seredina in December 2014. According to her, they had discovered the possibility of using bonus programmes in beauty salons during a workshop. «We were searching for something new for our customers, because the discount system had already become obsolete, and our beauty salon with 10 years in business had to make some headway. We had to do something to retain our regular customers and attract new ones, so we started looking for companies that could implement a programme of this kind for Ramira. Unfortunately, there were only two such companies in our city.» Zolotaya Seredina was one of them, and it was the one chosen by Ramira, as Zolotaya Seredina had experience in working with beauty salons.

Ramira’s management was offered to take advantage of the Smart Loyalty programme for small business.

Zolotaya Seredina’s specialists have developed this solution specifically for the owners of small trade and service companies. «We took the most efficient solutions used by major market players and adjusted them to the purposes of small business as a turnkey offer. That is, we have created a ready-made loyalty programme for virtually any small business,» says Gleb Popov, the Director of Regional Development at Zolotaya Seredina.

It took only 1 month to launch the Smart Loyalty programme for the Ramira beauty salon. The programme’s turnkey format turned out to be very convenient for the salon owners, as Zolotaya Seredina’s specialists have done everything necessary to implement the programme—from installing software to developing speech modules, instructions, gifts, loyalty cards, promotion materials, and so on,» says Anastasiya Govorova.

The visitors of the salon were happy to see the new loyalty programme and started participating in it since day one. According to Nataliya Komysheva, Ramira has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from its customers since the programme launch. Customers noted that the salon had reached an entirely new level of performance. «Our visitors are very active when it comes to our new special offers, bonuses, and gifts. They thank us for our holiday greetings. With the new loyalty programme, working has become more dynamic and fun. And most importantly, we are now different from other salons!»

The owners of the salon were very happy about the first results of the programme. «Firstly, they were able to gain operative and precise control over the salon’s financial indicators as related to customers,» shares her impressions Anastasiya Govorova. «And most importantly, they can track and control their loyalty costs. This factor often doesn’t receive enough attention in small business: owners experience difficulties in calculating it. As a result, they suffer significant losses, and they have no idea about this indicator’s potential for development. Smart Loyalty enabled us not only to see this indicator but also to reduce it by 5 times! In addition, purchase size and frequency values were increased.

Secondly, Smart Loyalty helps the salon’s management to effectively work with a customer base. In particular, it performs a very important function by attaching the customer base to the salon—and not to a certain professional, which often contributes to the customer attrition in small salons, hospitals, and dental clinics.

Currently, the salon owners set new goals and objectives aimed at maintaining constant customer flow, attracting new customers, and increasing the number of recommendations given by the salon’s regular visitors.

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