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Functional platform components

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Specialists of Zolotaya Seredina, owing to many years of practice within various areas of business, have developed and adapted a lot of functions and capabilities to the platform used for the LP development, which can be connected, modelled and changed for anything the customer needs. Due to that, our loyalty programmes have a high potential for analysis and monitoring of consumer activity as well as for arrangement of active interaction with buyers.

Extensive identification capabilities allow ‘communicating’ with a buyer without depending on the means of interaction with the same:

  • a great number of types of identifiers (cards with magnetic stripe, bar codes, chip or proximity cards, and mobile phones).
A great number of reward means makes it possible to use the most popular and efficient formulas which influence the consumer activity in the direction the company desires. You will be able to choose:

  • which way to reward (a percentage or a sum);
  • who to reward (everyone, certain target groups or specific users);
  • for which goods or services to reward (for all items, for certain groups or items, for all groups or items except certain exclusions);
  • where to reward (in a certain region, store or cash desk);
  • when to reward (within specific time-frames); and
  • how many times to reward (when adding, when selecting the best, when selecting the largest).
Data storage
A reliable data storage system ensures continuous work with information in any format:

  • personal details;
  • complete record of each customer’s purchases with the receipt structure saved; and
  • saved history of the customer’s communication with the company (outgoing queries, and storage of all buyer’s requests to the company).
Lots of options for communication with a buyer allow building really efficient relations:

  • work with the requested information is ensured by a call centre, web resources (website, personal account), and a mobile application (it is available on all popular mobile platforms, and allows providing information upon request for the history of points accrual and redemption, exchanging the points with social networks, and receiving relevant messages); and
  • direct personal communication with a buyer is ensured by SMS and e-mail distribution, direct mail, and printing of the relevant information on receipts.
Opportunities for analysis
Analysis of the received information is very important in order to develop future solutions that will ensure the company meets its goals. LP includes wide analytical opportunities:

  • Various types of analysis both with standard report types (transaction reports, information on sales dynamics, average receipt, number of purchases, points accrual and redemption, profitability of buyers in terms of attraction channels and total turnover, segmentation based on CRM analysis, etc.) and with the user’s ones (customised report types using various filters).
  • The analysis results allow segmenting customers according to various criteria, forming personal offers, analysing customer flows, tracking the efficiency of the campaigns held, detecting frauds, and generally tracking the efficiency of LP.

Extensive capabilities of loyalty programmes developed by the specialists of Zolotaya Seredina allow implementing the most creative and efficient marketing solutions! By means of all these tools, you will be able to develop, implement, and manage increasingly complex multichannel campaigns. You will be able to track the consumer activity, the changing habits of your buyers, and detect their nascent expectations.

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