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Our company, just as all the world’s loyalty market leaders, relies on flexibility and maturity of the technological environment forming the basis for all our projects development. The more opportunities the programme has, the more space we have to implement any, even the most daring marketing ideas.

High innovation
In our work, we use one of the world’s best CRM systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is used by more than 24,000 customers, with the total number of users exceeding 1,000,000 people. The programme is available in 25 languages, and the well-known interface of Microsoft Outlook ensures the ease of use.

One of its main advantages is high performance: just in one second the programme can execute over 100 transactions with 50 positions in a receipt, at the same time taking into account 80 triggered rules!

Flexible scalable industrial platform
It provides us with ample opportunities to adjust our loyalty programmes to any needs of our Customers:

  • The system is built on the principle of modular capacity building. It means that a loyalty programme can be connected to any of the existing modules (IP telephony, calendar, SMS messaging modules, etc.).
  • The platform capacity allows us for maintaining both regional and federal loyalty programmes.
  • Software environment provides for potential improvements at all levels. Flexible technology system makes it possible not only to connect different modules, but also to adapt them to the individual needs of a Customer.
  • High possibility of upgrading loyalty programmes, the introduction of state-of-the-art solutions.
Extensive integration capabilities
Some of the best integration capabilities that allow for effective arrangement of information management. All developed loyalty programmes are easily integrated with:

  • cash register systems;
  • data storage systems;
  • company’s resource management systems (ERP systems);
  • call centres; and
  • web-sites (an option to automatically create a new dashboard).

Software Terminal capacities suggest using it as a module of transferring data into the System.

Security provision
Our specialists know how much the competent organisation of data protection matters to our Customers. Therefore, each of our loyalty programmes has such features as:

  • ensuring strictly limited access to programme resources;
  • protected data transferring channels;
  • real time data backup;
  • possibility of access rights differentiation;
  • logging of cash transactions; and
  • ability to detect fraud and to deal with it.
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