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Today, loyalty programmes in B2B sector gain their momentum. Many companies began to realise the need to implement comprehensive and transparent solutions for effective motivation of their employees and business partners.

For B2B companies, Zolotaya Seredina has developed complex solutions based on which they have been creating loyalty programmes for many years, programmes that are easily adjustable to the needs of any business and to constantly changing market realities.

A particularly important moment in the loyalty programmes development is a calculation of a reward system for employees and partners of our Customers. This system should be transparent, easy to use, and most importantly, economically beneficial. That is why the Zolotaya Seredina specialists have a complex approach to setting up a motivation system. In the course of work under a loyalty project, every decision is studied from the perspective of marketing, finance, economics, law, and high technology. This approach enables us to create very practical and effective loyalty programmes for B2B sector.


  • Vitaly Krivoshein
    Vitaly Krivoshein
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    • People tend to think that the building supplies market is very conservative and resistant to new technologies. However, with our loyalty programme, we aim to communicate to our customers and partners that Hercules-Siberia is ready to radically change its way of managing relationships. Our goal is to build partner relationships not only with our dealers but also with each of their employees. We are thankful to Zolotaya Seredina, which helped us to launch a truly modern and technological product that ensures partner relationships between Hercules-Siberia and each member of a supply chain from a manufacturer to an ultimate buyer.

      Dmitry Mayurov, Marketing Director
      Dmitry Mayurov, Marketing DirectorООО Hercules-Siberia
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