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Based on 14-year experience in creating and managing loyalty programmes, Zolotaya Seredina has developed a number of Turnkey Solutions for various types of businesses.

Those solutions are designed for marketing specialists in order to be used in the autonomous day-to-day management of customer relationships systems.



  • Marketing activity management of any retail network.
  • Sales history automated analytics.
  • Effective customisable mechanics.

 Outcome:increase in gross profit by 9–14% per year



  • The impact of dealer employees, professional buyers, and wholesalers on sales.
  • Ability to autonomously manage sales channels.

Outcome: increase in dealer sales by 7–12%



  • Increasing the value of your own loyalty programme for buyers.
  • Attracting new customers from your partners.
  • The Coalition includes 2,600 partners in Russia, 1.5 million card holders.

Outcome: increase in profit by 10–15% per year

Turnkey Solution is a versatile tool and a set of measures for loyalty programmes integration in:

• trade and service enterprises: pharmacies, grocery shops, clothing and footwear shops, home appliances shops, medical centres, beauty salons, service stations, online shopping stores, and others;
• banks: partnership programmes with retail networks, unions and systems for working with customers; and
• enterprises in b2b sector: employee motivation programmes for dealers and professional buyers.

Turnkey Solution includes a fully automated business processes of sales management that help to optimise the cost of buying incentives for loyal customers and to steadily increase company’s profits.

Advantages of Turnkey Solution:

  1. quick start of a loyalty programme: within 2 weeks to 3 months;
  2. the powerful technical platform based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with integrated distribution services, call centre, the majority of cash register software, web and mobile applications. The platform is available for rent on the SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service), thereby providing significant savings for customers to run and manage loyalty programmes;
  3. personal licensed access of marketing specialist to all personal data, data on the purchases of each customer, and to analytical reports;
  4. customisable reward system: bonuses, discounts, coupons, gift cards;
  5. automatic communication with customers; and
  6. ready mechanics of campaigns with proven effectiveness for enterprise in any economy sector.

If you have not found a suitable turnkey solution, you can order an individual one.

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