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Banks and loyalty programmes: today, one thing cannot exist without the other. We fully understand that for our customers, bankers, it is important to make a loyalty programme work like a Swiss clock. After all, people use banking services every day. Communication and interaction between consumers and banks takes place at high speeds. Therefore, we develop such solutions that can withstand all daily loads.

Each our programme is a carefully adjusted mechanism that easily copes with marketing tasks. In our work, we bring to perfection every detail:

  • The technology platform reliably maintains all key components of a programme. Crashes and system errors are completely absent.
  • Score processing is fully optimised.
  • The platform for gathering information and analytics produces only relevant data. Due to this, our customers keep abreast of consumer activity and make timely decisions.
  • The system of interaction with bank customers includes all modern communication channels.
  • An impressive number of ready established marketing solutions allows making a quick programme launch.

Another important aspect that affects the success of a loyalty programme is the high professionalism of its performer. We know it. That is why, our team includes only those who every day make each detail of a programme perfect in order to make it work like a Swiss clock—accurately, reliably, without failures.

  • Sergey Borodin
    Sergey BorodinCVO
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    Success Stories

    • The implementation of a loyalty programme in 2011 was a market necessity, as all of our main competitors had already had their own customer programmes. We needed to launch it as quickly as possible: we did not have time to create our own pool of partners. And so we approached Zolotaya Seredina, which then included us in their Coalition and became the organiser of our Coalition Loyalty Programme. Sovcombank was also brought in. Today, the programme contributes to Tsifrograd's continuous capital growth and serves as the company's competitive differentiator for its customers.


      Anna Konoreeva, Head of Marketing Department
      Anna Konoreeva, Head of Marketing DepartmentTsifrograd


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