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Analytical Activities

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The tuning of loyalty programmes is a very delicate process that can be compared to the tuning of musical instruments, except that in our case we have to deal with something even more complicated—with human beings, their expectations and needs. And those, as known, tend to change. That is why we have to measure everything constantly, take notice of things and carefully analyse the data received. The purpose of Zolotaya Seredina’s analytical services is to give our Customers an opportunity to always receive up-to-date reports on the LP performance, more specifically, on buying behaviour shifts, the results of promotional events or campaigns, the effectiveness of the newly integrated rules, and so on.

In the course of this work, our specialists conduct the following studies:

Customer segmentation
To achieve results, we do the following:

  • identify segments;
  • carefully study the features of each segment;
  • assess their likeability;
  • interpret the resulting clusters;
  • develop an optimal strategy for working with the segments; and
  • assess the complexity of segmentation.
Technical analysis of Demand Stimulation
  • apply association rule mining based on product groups;
  • perform modelling operations based on sales history;
  • compare our new hypothesis against the data from the previous periods;
  • test the hypothesis based on the recent data (Sandbox methodology);
  • calculate the additional revenue; and
  • approve the resulting model.
Testing of individual offers
In the course of this study, we:

  • select the test group;
  • test the impact of a marketing offer on this particular test group; and
  • communicate the offer to the whole sample.
Testing of communication channels
This study comprises the following steps:

  • selection of the test group;
  • assessment of marketing channels; and
  • offer distribution among the whole sample through the selected communication channels.
Analysis of the performed actions
In order to get transparent and clear results, we conduct research based on the following algorithm:

  • making a report;
  • justification of received indicators; and
  • drawing up a list of recommendations on corrective measures, on company development, and on drawing up a marketing plan.
Evaluating the efficiency of the loyalty programme
One of the most complicated and important research is being carried out in many directions and options:

  • analysis of customer loyalty (using RFM and other methods);
  • analysis of the efficiency of the partnership loyalty programme;
  • analysis of the marketing campaigns efficiency based on customers’ feedback;
  • common types of analysis include the formation of reporting on transactions, monitoring the sales dynamics, and a report on the fraud identification;
  • development of new customer interaction channels is conducted as follows: assessment of the channels efficiency, offering new channels and their approval, launch and maintenance, constant monitoring of selected channels in terms of their efficiency.
Qualitative types of research

Conducting qualitative research using focus groups, expert interviews, and included observations.

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