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Everyone wants to grow. For small businesses, it is necessary not only to win more customers, but also to keep them. For this purpose, we have developed a solution system called Smart Loyalty. We have adjusted the successful experience, used at large companies, to the needs and opportunities of small business.

Smart Loyalty helps not only to grow, but also to encourage customers to come to you more often and spend more.

This is our unique turnkey programme which is suitable for any business.

Our customers receive a complete and working loyalty programme that:

  • helps them to stand out from the competitors;
  • reduces costs for business incentives for customers by several times;
  • significantly increases the sum of the average check;
  • makes their customer base more informative in many respects, thus helping to conduct the analysis of consumer activity and to make timely and effective decisions;
  • sets up a complete communication platform that enables to timely provide customers with important information, as well as to congratulate them on holidays; and
  • contains carefully selected working marketing solutions and campaigns aimed at solving tasks.
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    Julia Sasina
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    Success Stories

    • The implementation of Zolotaya Seredina's bonus loyalty programme was done very fast. Having switched from discounts to bonuses, we can now see the efficiency of this mechanism. There was no customer attrition at all, and our profits have noticeably increased. By offering our customers bonus rewards, we were able to significantly reduce costs. Zolotaya Seredina provided us with bonus rules, a guide for administrators, a customer package (customer cards and forms), and the loyalty programme support materials (posters for the reception desk and a city-format ad).

      Viktoriya Yuschenko, Director
      Viktoriya Yuschenko, DirectorDentAleks, a chain of dental clinics
    • I would like to highlight the performance of our personal manager, both at the contract signing phase and at the bonus loyalty programme implementation phase. He answered in great detail on all the questions we had prior to deciding to switch from discounts to bonuses. Our company needed a customer base management system that would enable us to communicate with patients in order to promote additional services among them. We also needed a procedure for optimising costs associated with discounts. Now we witness the launch of Zolotaya Seredina's bonus loyalty programme. The company has developed a special mechanism for accruing and withdrawing bonuses and provided us with the loyalty programme support materials for sales outlets (customer cards, posters, and leaflets), as well as conducted the training of administrators.

      Ekaterina Skoblina, Deputy Director
      Ekaterina Skoblina, Deputy DirectorMedpraktika
    • We were searching for something new for our customers, because the discount system had already become obsolete, and our beauty salon with 10 years in business had to make some headway. We had to do something to retain our regular customers and attract new ones, so we started looking for companies that could implement a programme of this kind for Ramira. Luckily, there were only two such companies in our city. Zolotaya Seredina was one of them, and it was the one chosen by Ramira, as Zolotaya Seredina had experience in working with beauty salons.

      Nataliya Komysheva, Administrator
      Nataliya Komysheva, AdministratorRamira, beauty salon, Barnaul


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