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Technical Activities

In order to ensure the continuous work of loyalty programmes, our staff is manned by highly skilled programmers. Their responsibility is to ensure a stable exchange of information, timely respond to customer enquiries, and perform the necessary troubleshooting, as well as provide support to the Customer’s employees at the field level regarding any software issues.

The activities include:

Ensuring the stable functioning of the system (CRM)

Platform administration, hosting-related activities, data processing (maintenance of participants’ scores, as well as accounts and cards), updating the programme and providing access to CRM (vendor support).

Providing support at the field level (sales outlets, data entry)

Communication with, and providing assistance to, salesmen in order to ensure the proper functioning of the programme.

Maintaining the communication channels

Principally working with web-pages and social networks (for example, updating the web-site with information about campaigns and events and creating banners). Organising and monitoring bulk SMS and email deliveries. Supporting the implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns (web-sites, mass mailing, configuring rules in the loyalty programme system according to the designed campaign and verifying the correctness of calculations, posting news on web-sites, etc.— all such activities are performed upon request). Providing support for special programmes (FTP server management, portal access management, etc.).

Managing reporting processes

Our technical specialists ensure timely delivery of reports in order to be able to make quick adjustments if necessary.

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