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In order to feel confident in the market, many companies unite and create a single loyalty programme for their Customers.

For over 10 years, we have been developing partnership programmes for different areas of business. Our professionals know all the pitfalls of this work, and they skilfully avoid them. Therefore, our loyalty programmes have been successfully developing for many years.

You set tasks—we fulfil them. That is how partnership programmes with Zolotaya Seredina are created.

In the course of our work, we perform the following functions:

We carefully select and analyse partners for future loyalty programmes. This stage is considered the most dangerous, when you can make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, it is important to entrust this to people who have created more than one partnership pool.

We develop the cooperation concept, involve partners.

We perform the role of integrator and organiser of all partnership project processes.

We pay special attention to the calculation of incentives for partnership programme Customers. It is very delicate work, requiring the attention of a whole team of specialists. Their work defines whether companies get more profit or just stay only with their unfulfilled hopes.

We integrate an effective communication system that allows for timely informing programme users about marketing campaigns. This is a very important condition especially for short-term partnership programmes.

Working with personnel is a stage that requires constant monitoring by a programme organiser. It is all about motivation and personnel turnover. This is one of the key pitfalls which we stumble on during the entire process. Only those can overcome it who had already done it more than once.

To make your programme work and gain you more profit and new customers, you need to entrust it only to professionals.

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    • Our work started in spring 2014. Back then, I was looking for a contractor to implement a bonus loyalty programme in Ivanovo. After the Internet surfing and talking to many potential contractors, I have decided to choose Zolotaya Seredina. Why? In the first place, because of their experience. They immediately told me which things needed improvement, and which things would be difficult to implement in terms of possible fraud. In the second place, because they had real working projects. In the third place, because of their comprehensive services during all stages of work: technical part, implementation, and support, both technical and legal. In the fourth place, the financial terms were agreeable. In the fifth place, they were able to quickly resolve most of the issues. Probably, the human factor played a big role here too, I mean our personal communication. When you see that the project manager is interested in working with you, that he/she is ready to listen and to guide, you expect your future cooperation to be just as comfortable.

      Aleksey Bogadelin, Coalition Programme Manager
      Aleksey Bogadelin, Coalition Programme Manager Friend


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